Introducing the AV300

Introducing the Easy-To-Install and Competitively-Priced AV300!

AutoVision Wireless is excited to offer a new fleet management device that gives you real-time mobile intelligence. The AV300 is easy-to-install and competitively-priced, meaning it gives you  a business advantage over your competitors.

The AV300 has a superior design, OBD-II interface and a 3-axis accelerometer. It records your vehicle’s speed, location and acceleration, as well as detect hard braking and cornering. The AV300 doesn’t require a costly installer; it is a plug-and-play device that will increase your fleet visibility and decrease costs.

Using wireless cellular networks, the device updates FleetReach® in real time. This enables you to monitor your  fleet’s health to quickly identify issues before they become expensive problems. Managing and maintaining the device is simple using wireless technology.
The AV300 is another reason why AutoVision Wireless helps you manage intelligently and perform brilliantly.
Advantages of the AV300:

  • Superior GPS and cellular quality
  • Built-in cellular and GPS antenna for easy installation
  • Built-in OBD-II connector to read vehicle bus data
  • Built-in accelerometer for driver behavior capabilities and impact detection
  • Pre-impact data capture capabilities
  • Ultra low power sleep modes

More information is available here.