AVO200: A tracking device for any high-value asset

AutoVision Wireless now offers a small, lightweight tracking device that can monitor your high-value assets anytime, and almost anywhere.

The AVO200 is a simple, easy-to use device that uses cellular and GPS technology to monitor your property. In areas of poor network coverage, the device will switch to SMS text messaging technology, so you will know your asset’s valuable real-time location information when data transmission fails.

Use the AVO200 straight out of the box, and place it in your car, briefcase, pallet or anything that requires monitoring. Its rugged case is both water resistant and able to withstand harsh conditions.

The AVO200 is useful for security guards, couriers, drivers, lone workers, or anyone with a high-value shipment. Customize your alerts to suit your needs, and give yourself piece of mind by knowing where your assets are at all times.

Key Features:
- You can set the start and end times, including tracking cycles
- Set up to five safety zones
- Receive alerts when excessive speeds are reached, or when the device starts moving
- Identify when the AVO200 has been switched on or off, or when the battery is off
- Requires no installation and can be used straight out of the box